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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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Summerhouse interior design

From the web store, to all things social media, Laurel Donahoo does whatever it takes to make sure it can be Summer at any given time, all around the world.  Having been a member of the SummerHouse team since 2007, Laurel has a deep love for interior design, our staff, and the SummerHouse mission of making the world a more beautiful place, one room at a time! She is the editor of SummerHouse’s blog, Always Summer, and is also the manager of all social media. She has become quite familiar with her camera and has begun photographing many of our design projects as well. She is a Mississippian through and through, growing up in Ridgeland and graduating from Mississippi State with a degree in Public Relations and minor in Broadcasting. Laurel currently resides in Madison with her husband, Price, children Wilson and Lily Ryan, and three dogs, Delta, Dover and Ringo. She is constantly working on her own design projects, which you can keep up with on her personal blog, The Hive.


Laurel works closely with Brian Fuente, our web coding genius and advertising director. These two had a few classes together at Mississippi State where they worked on several group projects together. That working relationship translated perfectly into SummerHouse group projects, as we are always excited to see what these two are brewing up next.