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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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Elish grew up on a farm in a small town called Ethel. The kind of town where everybody knows everybody and you have an account at the local gas station. Originally Elish was torn between fashion and interior design, but decided Interior Design.  As far as her design style, Elish could be described as rustic glam. Stone, reclaimed wood, metal mixed with luxe velvets, hides, and linens. She has always been drawn to glamorous accents grounded with natural elements. Elish’s dream house would be Bobby McAlpine inspired architecture with peacock pavers on the floor, wooden beams, and incredible carerra or calcutta marble countertops in an open kitchen. Put that home in a mountainous area by a lake and you will have truly captured Elish’s dream home.


Elish goes by multiple nicknames! Some fun examples are A-list, lil E, and Shawty.
She LOVES nail polish. Her nails are painted 99% of the time.
When we asked Elish what her favorite color was, she asked “do white and gold count?”
We say yes.
Elish adores 50’s musicals. Particularly starring Howard Keel, Doris Day, or Gene Kelly.
The perfect day for Elish would include fall and four wheeler riding,
but she’d settle for sun and the beach.