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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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Summerhouse interior design

From the web store, to all things social media, SummerHouse’s web team does whatever it takes to make sure that it can be Summer all around the world.  Laurel is the editor of SummerHouse’s blog, Always Summer, and is also the manager of all social media. She is a Mississippian through and through, growing up in Ridgeland and graduating from Mississippi State with a degree in Public Relations and minor in Broadcasting. Laurel currently resides in Madison with her husband, Price, babies Wilson and Lily Ryan, and three dogs, Delta, Dover and Ringo!




Laurel has a deep love for paper straws and cocktail napkins… Like, she has a drawer devoted to nothing but paper straws and cocktail napkins. And it’s a big drawer…

If it wouldn’t be incredibly unhealthy and make for a very unbalanced diet, this girl would eat Mexican food three meals a day. She cannot get enough when it comes to queso and tacos. A margarita on the side doesn’t hurt things, either!

No more than three days have ever gone by in her adult life that Laurel hasn’t been asked how tall she is. The answer is 6 feet. But sometimes she will say 5’12’’ just to throw people off a little bit!