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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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Mary Courtney was raised in the Mississippi Delta, Greenville being her hometown. Having cultivated an interest in art since a very young age, she knew she wanted to take a creative path in her lifelong career. The summer before beginning her freshman year at Mississippi State University, she decided that interior design would be the best option to allow her to have creative freedom and a fresh, new experience each day. She loves a constantly changing environment and being presented with challenges that help her learn and grow to be a better person and designer. After earning a minor in art, a bachelor’s in interior design, and a master’s in architecture, Mary Courtney moved to Jackson to begin her profession in residential design. She was then a design assistant for two and half years before making the leap to taking charge in her own interior projects. Through gaining the knowledge from an assistant’s perspective, she is prepared for any design conundrum and any mishap that may unexpectedly come up! With an ability to listen to a client’s needs and then translate those needs into a reality, she is proficient and able to deliver a positive experience to anyone she has the opportunity to work with.

Her ultimate home would be secluded among lots of shady trees with a white exterior; a two-story with wrap-around porches on both levels. Floods of natural light and the largest windows possible would allow the outdoors to be incorporated indoors. An antebellum home is what she really imagines as her preferred choice! She loves historical architecture and giving renewed life to past, forgotten spaces.


Watercolor is in close competition to Mary Courtney’s love of interior design. She evolved her interest in the medium while in college and has not lost her passion for it. If she had more time on her hands, there would be many more paintings in production of her silly and energetic cat, Owen.

She craves any type of baked dessert any time of the day – especially if chocolate is involved. She loves to bake but it only really counts when the result is homemade from scratch!

Anthony Bourdain, the host of No Reservations has the second best job in the world. Tasting exotic food and travelling are Mary Courtney’s other loves. Just add an artistic twist and she will be the next host of the show!

Mary Courtney loves the sun and sand while her husband loves snow and mountains. Vacation destinations are forever to be compromised!