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Business-Office-(1-of-2)MARTY SMITH

Our business office is the heartbeat of our operations. Marty Smith, our operations manager, runs this department with a keen eye and experience beyond her years. She has been at the side of Lisa Palmer and the birth of SummerHouse at the Township since day one. Her talents run beyond the business office. She is also our designer on the floor making sure that our showroom looks beautiful and put together on a daily basis making sure that our clients experience the SummerHouse aesthetic immediately upon entering. Marty also travels with the design team on buying trips, not only making sure we don’t spend too much, but adding her design advise as well. She is an integral part of the machine we call SummerHouse and couldn’t run without her.

Marty was Miss Rankin County 1996.
She won swimsuit preliminary at the Miss Mississippi Pageant and dares anyone to wear dyed shoes to match her skin tone better than her.
Marty will randomly break out into Orange Colored Sky at any given moment complete with pageant wave and tiara.
Marty is also an avid outdoorsman and can shoot a duck or a deer better than anyone we know and she also looks great in camo.


Stacy Bunch joined the business team in 2011 as Marty’s assistant and has grown to be an important asset in how purchases are made, paid, faxed and received  at SummerHouse.  She handles our returns and damage claims which in itself could be a full time job. Any other business related task that Marty needs is handed to Stacy and she handles them with ease.  Stacy has 2 beautiful girls that she adores and grand babies that, if you ask her, she will gladly show you a power point presentation of! If you ever get thrown in jail, she is also a fabulous bail bondsman.

Stacy is also a hunter and loves to ride 4-wheelers.
She loves vacationing on any beach and loves LSU Tigers. GEAUX TIGERS!
She enjoys spending time at her hunting camp in Goodman, MS with her family.