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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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madeleine summerhouse

SummerHouse | Oxford Interior Designer Maddie Ertle was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where her interest in art and design started at an early age. She would color her nails with crayons in kindergarten, and would create makeshift homes out of cardboard boxes to give herself spaces to design to her liking.


Maddie majored in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and double minored in Art History and Italian at Ole Miss, and has worked at SummerHouse | Oxford since her graduation. Her personal design style is warm and transitional with a specific love for animal prints, velvets, natural hides, and grass cloth (stemming from the country club-esque interiors her mother and grandmother created in her formative years) mixed with natural elements and clean lines. She also finds it important to incorporate symbolic and meaningful art and antiques into a space to reflect the personality of the client for whom she is designing.


Maddie has a soft spot for dogs, vaulted ceilings with old oak beams, messy mortar, Irish moss between pavers, and Charleston, South Carolina. Her favorite use of time away from work is lounging at the lake with friends and going on family vacations.