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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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Madison, Mississippi native Katherine Shelton grew up with a love for flipping through her father’s Architectural Digest Magazines and an appreciation for unique original art. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi and majored in Interior Design since she knew she had a passion for creating beautiful surroundings similar to the ones she found herself always admiring.
After graduation, Katherine went on to intern for Robert Parker Adams architectural firm and was subsequently hired to assist with commercial design projects in the Jackson area.
She continued working in the commercial design field as a designer at Archer Architects in Meridian, MS. When she was approached by Southern Bath and Kitchen to join their sales and marketing team, Katherine was excited to get to move back to her hometown.
It was through working at Southern Bath and Kitchen that Katherine got involved in Home Builders Association of Jackson and unearthed her true passion for residential design. It was also through her sales position there that she met Lisa Palmer, who offered her a designer position at SummerHouse.
Katherine has been involved in residential design ever since her start as a SummerHouse designer in 2007 and has enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects.
She describes her personal style as a love for old and new fused together. She loves clean lines, subtle color palettes, and lots of original art!
Katherine is happily married to her best friend Rustin and together they have three boys and two cats!