SummerHouse Interior Design | DESIGN ASSISTANTS
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SummerHouse Interior Design - Ridgeland, MS + Oxford, MS
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summerhouse design assistants
Krystle Short + Anabel Webb + Camille Parker

This small but mighty team works hard to keep SummerHouse a well oiled machine. With their college degrees varying from graphic and interior design to education, there isn’t a whole lot this crew can’t do. Working side by side with SummerHouse’s interior designers, the support staff is the glue that holds everything together. They can be found helping on interior design installations, getting and keeping orders organized, procuring and delivering materials for custom order pieces, and providing comic relief to the designers, just to name a few things this team takes care of!
The support staff is a big part of why SummerHouse is able to run so smoothly and, needless to say, there’s never a dull day for them!